Best Online Trading Websites and Resources

Here’s a list of my favorite online trading websites & resources. These sites are essential to beginning traders. Each site is unique and when used together will help you to stay informed as a trader. — Great platform for sharing ideas, charts and trade with other retail investors. StockTwits can be a powerful tool for gauging sentiment on particular stocks as well as see which stocks are trending, all in real time. — Awesome site for creating and sharing visually appealing charts. Truly a perfect site for technical analysts. TradingView allows you to share charts directly to Twitter or StockTwits. — The best source on the web for research and information on exchange traded funds. — Very popular for charts and heat maps of the markets. I find it the most useful to check either pre-market or post-market. It’s packed with useful data and information including insider activity and major news. — Crowdsourced earnings estimate site that provides insight to the real whisper number to beat. Super useful site during earnings season. — Great site for staying up-to-date with the stocks on your watch list. Freelance writers post articles analyzing particular stocks as well as global macro trends.

My Most Trusted Market News Sources 

Both Market Watch and Bloomberg are my favorite financial news outlets. They both report the major financial news but each have different editorial articles. Download the apps on your iPhone and turn on push notifications to stay up-to-date.

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